When it comes to vapor technology and design, Cloudious9 products are on a higher plane. The company’s flagship Hydrology9 exemplifies innovation as a showpiece water pipe, while their new Tectonic9 can grind and distribute flower with industrial precision. Both products appear ripped from the celluloid of sci-fi cinema, and the company’s latest release, the Atomic9, continues this tradition with a sleek look and elevated vapor experience. 

I often prefer flower vaping because it tends to unlock the full flavor and deliver a cleaner high with smooth, harsh-free hits, and the Atomic9 complements this type of experience. The device’s dual layer heating technology can be felt with the very first hit, and the abundant vapor on the exhale made me keenly aware that the flower had been perfectly heated to my liking. I opted for the 392°F setting, but the Atomic9 can be adjusted from 356°F to 428°F for those who prefer lower or higher temps. The retractable herb-loading shovel had me confused at first, but I quickly learned how to use it to help me place ground flower directly into the bowl for an easier, cleaner loading experience.

By epitomizing portability, the pocket-sized Atomic9 boasts an impressive battery life and supreme functionality. Some of the more expensive vaporizers in the same size category require more frequent recharging (which limits mobility) and become extremely hot to the touch. The Atomic9, by comparison, is easy to turn on, so you can puff and go with longer usage windows and lower external temps when cycling through sessions. The Hydrology9 remains the standard for sci-fi channeling design, but the aluminum alloy body of the Atomic9 features a matte finish that balances style and portability at an exceptional price point. 

The Atomic9 is available here directly from Cloudious9 for $59.99 as well as from top retailers. 

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