Bronx graffiti legend Cope2 has used the New York City subway as his canvas since the 1980s, but unless you had a blow torch and a pair of great running shoes, you probably couldn’t take his artwork home with you. That all changed with Cope2’s latest art series released today on 1xRun. 

For his latest collection, Cope2 utilized real subway signage from stations like 46th Street, Jay Street and 23 St & 44 Dr as his canvas for mixed media art and graffiti tags. Other canvas types include real subway maps, various Exit Closed and No Exit signs, and the long in-train guides that display all the stops on a particular line. The collection is packed with options, including lower-priced prints, but it’s selling out fast. Despite dropping this morning, more than half of the original signage art is already sold out. 

Limited-edition prints start at $150, map art at $1,000 and real signage at $1,025. The remaining inventory is available here.

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