DaVinci made waves in late 2016 when it released the award-winning IQ, which PRØHBTD described as taking “its place amongst some of the best vaporizers available today.” The luxury cannabis vape features superior temperature technology, smart paths, zirconium ceramic vapor path and anodized aluminum body all coming together to provide ultimate purity and terpene-rich flavor from your flower of choice. All this amazingness now comes in a smaller package. 

The new DaVinci MIQRO has the same capabilities as its predecessor, only it’s 31 percent smaller for incredible discretion and easier on-the-go use. A simple change of size makes a big difference considering the way many people consume their flower these days. Some smokers prefer a small amount of flower to inspire creativity, while others want a larger amount to help with insomnia or simply to take the edge off. The beauty of the MIQRO is that you can adjust the bowl size by 50 percent. However much you choose to consume, this vape will heat it to a perfect temperature within seconds for optimal taste, performance and effect. 

Many vaporizers have their own strengths when it comes to heating up loose-leaf flower, but DaVinci’s process is efficient, precise and guarantees a noteworthy cerebral experience like no other. This is due to the controlled “smart vapor” path and precise temperature technology. The device gives the user options to cycle through a session automatically, starting at a lower temperature and heating up precisely to a high temp that allows for big clouds and hard hits that sometimes feel as strong as a nice bong rip. 

DaVinci deserves credit for its innovation in crafting one of the most enjoyable cannabis-vaping experiences available today. 

The DaVinci MIQRO retails for $149. 

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