Dip Devices, known for its multi-functional concentrate vaporizer the Dipper, released a new product that is even more diverse and functional than its previous models. Say hello to EVRI. Just as the name implies, this is one of the most cross-functional devices that can power a 510 threaded cartridge, with a refillable e-juice pod and the classic vapor tip we all know and love for dabbing at home or on the go.

How does this sorcery work, you ask? The EVRI features a battery that magnetically connects to the attachment you want to use. The coolest part is that these attachments are continuously evolving so expect to see some cool attachments in the future. The starter pack comes with a battery, charging cable, vapor tip attachment as well as the 510/refillable pod attachment. Working it is a snap, quite literally. Once the attachment is in place, just like any other vape you’ve used, click five times to turn the device on and hold down to get vaping.

PRØHBTD tried the EVRI with the vapor tip to dab some Live Badder, and it was a smooth, tasty hit with no burning taste whatsoever. The vapor path is smaller on the EVRI versus the Dipper, but fear not as the vapor is just as cool when it hits your throat. Next up was the cartridge attachment, which works pretty much like every other vape battery. The cool part is the look of the unit, which feels smooth and techy. It is a wonderful device for everyday use and even better for traveling since it is so versatile. As an added bonus, one percent of all sales go to drug policy reform via the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). 

The EVRI is available here for $70. 

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