“Strains for brains” is the motto for gen!us’ comprehensive line of cannabis products aimed at the young tech generation. In an industry that widely promotes a health and wellness angle at the moment, gen!us narrows its focus to elevated brain power, and its aesthetics seemingly play to the Apple style guide with simple yet elegant white-dominant packaging. Even the brand name gen!us makes one think of the Apple Genius Bars even though a cannabis gen!us bar would clearly be more fun.

The gen!us line of products includes half-gram pre-roll joints, half-gram vape cartridges, disposable vapes and pesticide-free, California-grown flower. The terpenes in the pre-rolls we sampled were on the softer side and the vape oil flavor on the sweeter side, which suggests these products might be good for mid- to entry-level consumers. Still, cannabis fans of any experience level will appreciate the detailed strain information and THC-CBD profiles on the packaging, which also lists the flower harvest or extraction dates and when they were packaged. 

The many available strains include Josh D, Gelato, Orange Tree, OG Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Jack Herer, Thin Mint, Birthday Cake and the CBD-heavy ACDC, among others. gen!us also uses a secondary color on the packaging so consumers can easily identify the type of plant: purple for indica, green for hybrid and orange for sativa.

Find which dispensaries carry gen!us products here. Prices vary by product and retail outlet. 

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