BIC produces more than 2.5 billion lighters per year, which is the equivalent of one lighter per three people on earth. That doesn’t necessarily mean the McLighter is bad, but it does mean you need another option if you want fire that stands out and showcases your personal style. The new-to-market Inverted Lighter by Dissim provides all that and more. 

Our first impression of the Dissim lighter is that it epitomizes precision design. The angled flame port allows users to better control the direction of the fire and protects against burning your thumb or fingers, even when holding it upside down to light a candle or pipe. For this reason, the company describes the product as “the world’s first lighter designed for upright and inverted use.” 

While the first impression is all about design, the Inverted Lighter is also all about functionality. Made with metal components, the grey-colored top includes a wheel to reduce or increase the flame’s output. The bottom of the lighter features an elegant black color with an ergonomic, grey circle grip for easier handling and ignition. The black grip is also where you’ll find the refill valve and fuel window so users always know how soon they’ll need to add more butane fuel.

Last week, the world celebrated Earth Day, and the Inverted Lighter is built with conservation values in mind. Remember all those billions of BIC lighters? Those disposable fuckers are currently topping off landfills at the rate of 1.5 billion-plus per year. The Dissim lighter, on the other hand, will likely never see a landfill unless you accidentally drop one in it. This product is meant to last, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The Dissim lighter fits in the pocket for easy portability, but an optional carrying case adds additional style and protection. The pouch case features a water-resistant zipper and waterproof fabric and seams that make it an ideal add-on for those who like to hike and camp. 

Mass production of the Dissim lighter starts next month, and it will retail for $30 when it goes on sale in the late summer. However, a Kickstarter campaign is offering discounted presale prices through advanced pledges. For example, you will receive a free lighter shipped anywhere in the world for a pledge of $24 or more. Make it $35+ to receive a lighter and a case, or $43+ for two lighters, or $60+ for two lighters and two cases, etc. The campaign, which ends on May 25, already has more than 2,500 backers.  

Those interested in reserving a Dissim lighter can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

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