Smoking is often a part of daily life and societal understanding in European countries like Italy. People welcome the act with open lips, awaiting the sweet first breath of smoky intoxication in a ritual that involves early mornings, a cup of strong espresso and a freshly rolled cigarette or joint. At least that was my experience during the eight months I spent in Milan roaming the streets with local friends. During this time, I learned Italians enjoy smoking cannabis as much as I do. It was an “oh shit” moment when you connect with someone on a different level than just broken language. We surpassed those barriers by passing spliffs between each other, fingertips to fingertips, like a modern day Creation of Adam. We created our own form of communication through this shared experience, and this is exactly what came to mind when I took my first puff from a joint using a Venetian glass mouthpiece from MURANO TIPS.

Venice became a sovereign state in 1291 when the government decreed that all glassmaking must take place on the mile-wide island of Murano. By the 15th century, these Venetian glassmakers were considered the best in the world, helping popularize everything from glass mirrors to chandeliers. It’s from this rich tradition that MURANO TIPS was born. 

“Each piece of Murano glass becomes more than its final product,” says the company, which utilizes handcrafted Murano glass mouthpieces that cannabis aficionados attach to their joints for more luxurious draws. “It embodies the centuries-old traditions, innovations and customs that define Italian culture.”

Not everyone will share the same romantic sense I did from an Italian-style smoke break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own special moments. MURANO TIPS come in four vibrant colors, each with its own intended impression of Italian culture. The Acquamarina (aquamarine) is a deep oceanic blue glass tip that’s designed to offer peaceful, tranquil and creative vibes. The red Testarossa (redhead) tip is meant to stimulate and energize a life that may be lacking in richness. An easygoing follow-up, Smeraldo (emerald), has a more harmonious and balanced appeal with its natural green hue. Lastly, the bright yellow Limone (lemon) tip allows for optimism and clarity to help take control of situations. All color hues come in two styles packaged together: a flat tip for a lighter dose per pull so you can slow down each hit and linger in the moment, and a round tip for a more open mouthpiece that allows you to take a high-intensity inhale for more flavor and smoke.

In no way is the brand remaking the wheel with their tips. In fact, MURANO TIPS embodies the classic “centuries-old traditions” of glassmaking and cannabis culture that won me over during my time in Italy. As a cultural profession, artisanal glass making is in the blood of Murano citizens and that passion is the lifeblood of the brand. 

MURANO TIPS are available here for $19.99.

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