Before the dispensary, there was the apothecary, a western practice of compounding natural ingredients to cure or minimize physical ills. In the east, ancient Chinese medicine produced the world’s oldest pharmacopoeia that included more than 100 uses of medical cannabis, while India created one of the first holistic medicines, Ayurvedic, that promotes comprehensive health and wellness through essential oils.

At a time when the cannabis field feels overcrowded, a new product line stands out with tinctures and topicals that merge ancient holistic practices like these with the latest in endocannabinoid science. M Plant and the Cannabistry Labs developed just such a product that they fittingly named The Root of It All.

Let’s start with REWIND, the brand’s first and only topical product. With the stated aim of restoration, the thick salve contains three parts cannabidiol (CBD) to one part tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), totaling 135mg and 45mg, respectively. Other primary ingredients are black pepper, cloves and turmeric, whose inclusion is not random. Curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with arthritis and pain, and the compound piperine in black pepper helps boost the absorption of curcumin. Studies also characterize cloves as having natural topical anesthetic properties. REWIND boasts an herbal spicy scent that your friends will definitely prefer to that BENGAY you’ve been rockin’.

The sublingual tinctures come in five formulations with different CBD:THC ratios and natural ingredients. The sativa-based UNWIND oil is essentially REWIND in liquid form with the same ratios (3 to 1) and ingredients (turmeric, black pepper, cloves) aimed at recharging the body and relieving aches and pains. Root’s other sativa formulation, GO, is a floral-forward oil that pairs 90mg of THC with cardamom spice, ginger and rosemary. While most westerners associate rosemary with the culinary arts, it was reportedly used in ancient times to improve memory and boost the immune and circulatory systems.

A trio of indica-based oils makes up the second half of the tincture lineup. For those feeling stressed out, the indica-based EASE strives for tranquility with a CBD-dominant ratio (10 to 1) that includes 500mg of CBD in each bottle. The natural ingredients in the citrus- and berry-flavored oil include terpene-rich lemongrass, the calming flower ylang-ylang and the rind of the Italian fruit bergamot, whose aromatic oil was an ingredient in the original Eau de Cologne. And when the road of life feels bumpy, SLOW hopes to help you relax with basil, sweet fennel, orange and equal parts (90mg) THC and CBD, while STOP is a dreamer’s delight with three parts THC, one part CBD and natural sleep aids like chamomile, valerian root (“nature’s Valium”) and lavender (found to reduce anxiety in such terrifying places as the dentist’s office).

Consumers are meant to hold the oils under their tongues for one or two minutes, and GO in particular should get you high if you take enough. That said, The Root of It All is best viewed as a wellness lifestyle brand, not a stoner product, and the choice of tinctures should reflect your personal wellness goals. Due in large part to the natural ingredients, the holistic oil blends also deliver exceptional taste that can appease the most picky of palates. In fact, cannabis-friendly chefs who want their tasting menus to go beyond wine might consider pairing their courses with The Root of It All oils instead. For example, the GO’s ginger-rosemary flavor could potentially pair well with grilled lamb, as would the lemongrass and bergamot orange in EASE with roasted pork belly. If nothing else, the oil flavors will certainly sit well with bougie fucks who think about things like tasting menus and wine pairings.

The suggested retail price for The Root of It All products ranges from $35 to $70.

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