Apparently it’s not just ’80s fashion trends that are making a comeback. 

For those who don’t want to set their premium cocktails down on just any coaster, Israeli artist Nir Hod transformed his oil-on-mirror The Night You Left series into stylish coasters reminiscent of a mirrored table at an ’80s nightclub. The sets come with options for different colored mirrors — black, gold, pink — all featuring digitally printed lines of blow. These coasters are a conversation starter, especially if your new girlfriend’s parents come over for dinner, but the deeper meaning behind the art is not a celebration of cocaine-charged dopamine spikes. 

Speaking about the series, the artist notes, “There is a certain magic in loneliness. You have to be alone to create. It’s not about drugs or glamour — it’s about the inside world, where you can dream and love and seek a greater truth — it’s about a feeling of being connected to something so human.”

The idea here is not lines of coke in the VIP room at a Wall Street club, but rather the visualization of a lonely person doing blow alone at home. It’s about the emotion inherent in doing a social drug without anyone to socialize with, which many people can relate to in the age of coronavirus. Of course, The Night You Left coasters come in a set of four, so this stylish set is meant for celebrating with friends. 

The coaster set is available from Prospect for $98, while a special red-colored collaboration with The Standard hotel group is available here for $115. 

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