As the United States moves forward with cannabis legalization at a record pace, it might be useful to get some education on the plant itself in order to make informed decisions about its use. As an alternative to books on the subject, which are often thick and difficult to consume, the designer Ben Barrett-Forrest created The Weed Deck as a fun and easy way to learn about cannabis. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply curious about all things cannabis, this illustrated deck of playing cards is perfect for upgrading your knowledge and putting it to use.

Although cannabis is the oldest domesticated crop in the world, a lot of misinformation is out there. If you were wondering how long the high lasts, what the difference between sativa and indica is, what dabbing is and why you should try it, how THC interacts with your body or how to create a cannabis-infused cooking oil, The Weed Deck answers all of these questions and more. Painstakingly researched and designed to provide a deep, comprehensive and concise overview of the field, the content covers plant varieties, health benefits, ways to consume, strains, culture, chemistry, handy tips and dangers. Made with casino–quality card stock with a linen texture, each card features educational and inviting trivia accompanied by a beautiful, detailed illustration by Celia Krampien.

If you prefer to ingest your cannabis information in a more traditional format, there is also The Weed Book with the same content as the deck, in an elegant, beautifully designed hardcover format.

The Weed Deck can be purchased for $16, while The Weed Book is $18. 

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