In Sanskrit language, the word Zoma evokes feelings of grounding and peace. Also known as the boutique cannabis company based in Los Angeles, Zoma has made the environment and luxury a priority in its products. Grown sustainably in Santa Cruz, California, all Zoma cannabis is light dep greenhouse grown powered by the sun in a state of the art environment controlled greenhouse. Paying attention and being mindful, every Zoma product is EnvirOganic certified and contains premium, lab-tested cannabis. 

The EnvirOganic certification is the industry equivalent of the FDA’s “Certified Organic” label, meaning Zoma cannabis has been lab tested for impurities and grown using exemplary practices, organic inputs and in a manner exceeding current national organic standards. Right now, until the FDA is on board with cannabis, there’s a good chance what you’re buying might be grown with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and because the labs aren’t going to be held accountable, you’re stuck with chem weed.

This is good cannabis, that tastes clean and organic. The Champagne hybrid is available in 6-pack pre-rolls and burns well. It’s sweet with a lovely feeling, a nice high that is very manageable, creative and mostly body. You can still hang out or you can really get something done. A hybrid with defined flavor, the herb is incredibly smooth, and a great supplement to a flowing conversation.

Zoma peddles single eighth jars and six-pack pre-rolls, in Champagne, Ringo’s Gift and Sour Diesel strains. Zoma products retail for $45.

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