Why make yourself vulnerable to potentially triggering social situations when you could stay home, smoke cannabis and watch television shows about murder? Becoming a hermit isn’t advisable, of course, but you shouldn’t feel bad about staying in from time to time. The FOMO may be real, but it’s important to remember that while you could spot a Kardashian in a corner booth at that hot restaurant, you could also be on your couch, eating Seamless and watching a Law & Order SVU marathon.

1. Milk Makeup Kush Lip Balm: This lip balm contains cannabis oil, but it does NOT make your lips green.

2. Cannabis Japanese B5 Flyer: Adorn your walls with this highly collectible piece of ephemera from this ’70s thriller starring the cult icons (and then couple) Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

3. Fredricks and Mae Sage Incense: Recover from a bad roommate or a bad relationship with this expertly packaged sage stick.

4. Nir Hod The Night You Left Coasters: Protect your coffee table from unsightly rings with these coaters. Just make sure to hide them before your landlord stops by.

5. Chen Chen & Kai Williams Serpent Lighter Holder: Does your humble Bic lighter need an upgrade? Look no further than this oddly seductive contraption from Chen Chen & Kai Williams.

6. To Whom It May Box of Four: This is the cannabis connoisseurs’ answer to a box of See’s Chocolates. You can sample all four of the brand’s signature chocolates, available in a range of potencies from 2.5 to 45mg of THC per serving.

7. Anna Karlin Glass Decanter: Your $5 Pinot Noir from Trader Joe’s will look far more expensive in this chic and timeless vessel.

8. Apple Homepod: Having a robotic speaker in your home is tad Orwellian, but nothing beats the convenience of  being able to play your favorite podcast with a simple voice command.

9. Anya Smells Pencil Shavings Scented Diffuser: Yes, this is actually a diffuser, and yes, the scent of pencil shavings is surprisingly appealing.

10. Doritos Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips: They’re definitely lowbrow, but you cannot deny the timeless appeal of this utterly delightful snack.

11. Lucid Tea Mango Rose Vanilla Black Tea: Wind down with a significantly less toxic alternative to your usual nightcap. The psychedelic packaging is also a plus.

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