The internet has given us many things, like seamless delivery, Cher’s Twitter account and Fyre Festival memes. But perhaps the greatest gift of all is having the ability to get shit done without ever setting foot in an office. Some work remotely in a full-time capacity, while others take the occasional mental health day to temporarily escape their coworkers. Whatever your situation is, it’s important to create a home office that’s conducive to productivity. You don’t have to go full Marie Kondo, but you do have to maintain some semblance of order. It’s also advisable to invest in your workspace when you can. Splurging on a few big ticket items, or even a few cheap frivolous ones, can instantly elevate your mood. 

1. On Managing Yourself by the Harvard Business Review: If you have the kind of job where you are left to your own devices for days on end, you’re likely to benefit from this collection of essays from the Harvard Business Review. Spoiler alert! You’re probably spending too much time on your phone. 

2. ‘Desk Buddies’ Mini Stapler: Believe it or not, you still need to use a stapler occasionally.

3. F.A.M.T. ‘Need Money Not Friends’ Hoodie: Wear your antisocial, capitalist tendencies on your sleeve (or more specifically, on your chest) with this hoodie from F.A.M.T.

4. Chill CBD Coffee Pods: As it turns out, the combination of caffeine and CBD is a surprisingly good idea. 

5. Ashley Williams ‘Retired & Loving It’ Sweatpants: Between student loan debt, soaring rents and Social Security’s projected depletion in 2035, retirement is looking unlikely for many of us. But at least we can wear these sweatpants. 

6.HAY Pen: If you still write by hand, this painfully chic ballpoint pen from HAY is a great addition to your desk drawer. 

7. Indoor ‘Butterfly’ Palm Plant Any workspace can benefit from the addition of a classic potted palm.

8. Hourglass Sand Timer This isn’t the most effective way to keep track of your time (unless you happen to be a therapist), but an old school timer looks undeniably great on a desk.

9. Maison Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning Candle This candle’s airy scent falls somewhere between patchouli and fresh laundry. 

10. 1800-PARADISE Joint Man Keychain You use your keys every single day, so why not invest in a charming enamel “joint man” to adorn them? 

11. The Wing ‘Pay Me’ Socks If you happen to be a freelancer, you know that a significant portion of your time is spent hounding people to pay you for work that you did months ago. Le sigh. 

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