Bryan Williams, a.k.a. Sargel18 (Sargent of Light 18), was born in late 1950s New York City and grew up in Ringwood, New Jersey. After a rough childhood, he came to live a normal life with his wife and kids in nearby Wanaque running an appliance store. At age 27, however, he had a cosmic awakening that changed his life forever. Confused and scared, he checked himself into a psychiatric ward, desperately telling the nurses, “Something’s wrong with me, I’m not who I’m supposed to be… I’m losing it.”

Following a fortnight in the ward, he was discharged to find his marriage falling apart and his business dying. His wife left and took the kids, and Bryan put a gun in his mouth, ready to end his life. Luckily, an intervention came just in time, and it took the form of an otherworldly blue “energy” called Devron. This energy spoke to Bryan and helped him realize that his life had a greater meaning than he could have ever imagined, and that he was in-fact a half-human/half-alien hybrid from another universe.

Exit Bryan Williams, enter Sargel18.

Not long after, Sargel18, as he was now known, discovered the Wanaque vortex in New Jersey—an interdimensional portal in a forest through which extraterrestrials and other beings pass through to visit our earth and watch humanity. It was here that he first made contact with an alien being on a cold night in February 1998, and where he has talked to, photographed and even killed aliens, demons and dragons of all shapes and sizes.

Apparently, this isn’t the only “vortex” that some claim exist on earth. In the U.S. alone, tourists flock to the Montana, Oregon and Sedona vortices in search of quantum anomalies and spiritual significance.

Through the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sargel18 and his discoveries received a lot of media attention, being invited as a keynote speaker at events like the Global Sciences Congress and appearing on TV shows like Fox’s Real Scary Stories and UPN’s Strange Universe. However, he has since somewhat shied away from press attention and rarely gives interviews, instead living a quiet life with his psychic second wife Teleahqua in Pennsylvania.

The following is the transcript of a spiralling, late-night Skype conversation that took place during the early hours of June 28, 2017 between Sargel18 and myself, where I attempt to understand his discoveries, his life and his mind. (To listen to an audio recording of the two-hour interview, click on the link at the bottom of the story.)

Hi Sargel18, nice to meet you. Can you tell us about the Wanaque vortex? 

When George Washington became the president of the United States, the first thing he did was send Franklin to Wanaque to learn the language of the Lenni-Lenape Indians—the guardians of the vortex. Everybody knows about the top secret Area 51, but that’s not where this shit is. The real places are right here in our neighborhoods, where people stroll their babies down the road, where people go to church every Sunday. They exist underneath. Like Edgar Allan Poe says in The Purloined Letter, man, a secret hides in plain sight. One of the biggest events in UFO history happened in the ’60s in Wanaque, New Jersey, and nobody knows about it! The aliens were there so much that people got bored of looking at them! This happened for about two years, but if you ask people about it, they don’t know because it’s been wiped from the memory of man.

How did your life change after your awakening?

I went from being somebody who would’ve got a guy like me arrested, to a year later knowing everything! But I couldn’t find a means to an end with it all. As long as I followed what everyone else was following, I kept reaching dead-ends, or rehashes of old shit in different words, like the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and all that. In 1996, I’d been working with defense intelligence and world banking as a psychic, a seer and a witch, and I made some money….

Woah! Hold up… Can you tell me more about that please?

They sought me out. World pharmaceutical companies and world banking would take me in the middle of the night to companies that they wanted to take over—like one we did in Parsippany, New Jersey—as I have the ability to communicate with the trees. I’d ask the trees information that they wanted to know, and the trees would give me the information in intense astrological terms that I was not familiar with at the time. They’d then use that information and take over the companies every time. They bought me a million-dollar condo in New Jersey, they fixed my ’79 Camaro, it was hot as hell, man! It was pushing 570 horses at the wheel! I thanked them for what they’d done for me, but I said I had to move on. They weren’t very happy with that, but I put them in their place, and I left that life.

Interesting. So you were saying you kept reaching dead-ends….

You’ve got to understand, Jak, in this business there are more frauds, bullshitters and wannabes than I’ve seen in any other industry or business in my life. The followers follow because that’s all they know. So I came in saying that aliens are not from a different planet, there’s a multiverse of a thousand different earths occupied by thousands of different beings, including dragons, monsters, creatures, dinosaurs, demons, angels… you name it, they’re there.

Is the multi-verse like several parallel universes

It’s like a stack of pancakes. Let’s say there’s a stack of six pancakes, and we’re number four in the stack. In the vortex, each pancake is an alternate earth, an alternate reality, an alternate universe.

Why are these beings visiting us?

Well, there’s an exchange going on. With humans, we’re a lot of meat, and dragons eat meat. Also, it’s a big dimension. People are egocentric and think humans are the center of the universe, we’re not. The aliens are dealing with other civilizations in the third dimension, too, [and on] other planets. There are also some beings that eat souls for the energy. It’s intense! It’s almost too much for me to handle.

Is it a heavy burden, being half-human, half-alien and having contact with interdimensional beings? Do you ever wish it all away?

(Long pause.) Jak, it sucks being Sargel18. It sucks to be me….

I find life difficult enough in three dimensions—trying to work my way through relationships and my artistic endeavors, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you.

It’s destiny. We don’t know who my father is. My mother doesn’t know. She went to a party in New York City and came back pregnant in the late 1950s. They used to take women they could get their hands on and impregnate them with alien DNA. I haven’t spoken to my mother in a long time, 20 years almost, because until she can tell what I’m supposed to do and why I’m cursed… until she can give me an answer… I’m really not going to talk to her. There’s a lot that has gone on in my life. You ever have those things about your family nobody else knows?


Well, my mother used to take her hands and put them in this pyramid shape, with her thumb and index finger. She’d be standing against the wall with the index fingers at the tip of her nose and her hands would be vibrating so fast that her fingers were a blur. It was like she was in a coma or something. When we asked her what she was doing, she’d say, “They’re talking to me.” I used to ask who was talking to her, but she’d just say “they.”

Do you have any siblings? Do they have powers like you?

I have two sisters, and they have nothing.

Do you talk to them about your destiny and experiences?

They all laugh at me. They want nothing to do with me when it comes to Sargel18. None of my family does.

I’m sorry to hear that. You mentioned you have children.

Yes, my son is a great man. He works in IT and lives out in Los Angeles, and he’s a genius. And… my daughter… well that was one of my biggest mistakes at the vortex. Let’s just say my daughter doesn’t have a great life because I made the mistake of bringing her there. I did a show for Fox called Real Scary Stories and possession happened right in front of me. As a warning.

Oh… does she still live with you?

No, in fact I didn’t see her for 15 years after that. I talk to her now, she has two kids, my grandsons and all that. She got grabbed by something that was not good.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Yeah, it sucks, man.

You sent me a letter you received in 1998 that appears to be from NASA. Do you think they’re aware of your discoveries and the vortex?

Oh yeah! I brought them all down there—the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Defense—they don’t kill me because I’m a wildcard. They don’t understand why the beings make contact with me. Some stuff has come to my knowledge over the past few months, so maybe that’s what this talk is about with you right now.


Well, NAP stands for the New America Project. Our government in alliance with the interdimensional aliens have manipulated the doorway and found a new earth in America that is not developed. They’re sending builders, scientists, a lot of people through the doorway. All those people that apparently “disappear.” A lot of people disappear every year, almost 10 million people worldwide. I did a study in 1998, and there were more than 80,000 people a year who disappear in the United States that the FBI has absolutely no explanation for. They didn’t run away, get murdered and raped. The FBI just can’t figure out where the hell they went! This number is now around 10 million people worldwide, untraceable.

What are they doing over there?

They’re trying to build a new America. Devron told me this, and the next day the story broke that in the last 20-year period—since I made contact at the vortex—the Pentagon has misplaced nearly 10 trillion dollars. They can’t find it! How do you lose 10 trillion dollars? That’s half of our national debt in America!

And they’re using that to build a new America?

Yeah! We have a lot of problems in this America, the people and what we’ve done with it. Money is no good there, but they’re spending the money here and taking the resources over.

Which vortex are they using?

Most likely the CERN Supercollider or one like it that we don’t know about. The Supercollider is their way of opening the doorway. They say it’s their way of discovering the origins of the universe and matter and all that, but it’s a big fluid-solid condenser mirror that is made of magnets and electricity. I know all about these magic mirrors, like the one Nostradamus used.

I once heard you describe a beautiful, heavenly place when you made contact for the first time, and you’ve also mentioned Lucifer and Jesus. Are you religious? 

(Long pause.) Great question. I want to word this right. Teleahqua and I have been together one-on-one and pretty much been in the same room as each other for 19 years. We’ve only ever been apart a couple of times—the first time was in Easter 2004. She had to go to New York for her daughter’s confirmation and left me in Pennsylvania for the week.

So I’m at home, I get my shower at five o’clock, it gets to five-thirty, and I take a couple of hits off the bowl—I used to smoke pot back then—and I go to do my work on the computer. I walk upstairs, and I am hit with the presence and smell of lavender and roses so hard that it pretty much pinned me against the wall! It was so intense that it started lighting up all my chakras, like I was having an orgasm and all of a sudden, there’s Jesus standing in front of me! In three dimensions, in my house!

I know I have no evidence to support this, and I’m cool with that. He looked at me—this still makes me laugh to this day—and said, “Human beings litter in heaven just like you do here on earth, and it’s a real problem.” In my head I pictured a heaven where I guess people can create whatever they want so there are 40-ft Cadillacs, stogie cigars, giant houses and toys lying all over the place. I guess when you create something, you’re supposed to un-create it, but people don’t. Then Jesus said, “I came here to give people focus because before I came here, when you died, you ended up in agony. I gave people a place to go, my father’s house, and that’s why I came here.”

And next thing you know he’s gone! I felt so good, I wanted to die, I wanted to go with him. So to answer your question, I don’t know if spirituality as we know it and God go hand-in-hand, but I can say with my dying breath that I met Jesus in three dimensions in this life, and he is real.

What about Lucifer?

Well, I don’t think we really understand the real definition of the afterlife. People think you’re sitting on a cloud, you’re playing a harp. Hell has blue skies, beautiful kittens, different races and changing dialects every hundred miles to create measure. The big secret is that this is Hell. Lucifer has dominion over everything that crawls on earth. Lucifer was sent to this hell, this is his creation.

But with the blue skies and different races, the Hell you described sounds pretty nice…

But it isn’t, is it? Look at all the war and all the torture and all that’s happening. Based on what I’ve talked about with the Endorians at the vortex, people were once all brown, and Lucifer created white humans for difference. As soon as he created us, there was friction. It creates measure and difference, Lucifer uses that to create hectic-ness. Lucifer is evil, but he’s not stupid. How many times have you thought, “I wish I was as popular as that person?” Or when you think, “How does that guy get everything given to him, and I work so hard and I don’t?!” This is all Luciferian energy, and it’s only here on earth and in three dimensions. Earth has a lot of restraints like a prison. If you take the sum of our race here on earth, are we good here or are we evil?

I don’t know about “good” or “evil,” but I think our personal journey through life comes down to optimistic or pessimistic interpretations of what can be deemed as pure randomness.

I have hope for the people of earth. I believe that everyone should just be nice, and if we took all the money for war and put it towards science, learning and exploration, I think our planet and our race could be doing a hell of a lot better.

Is it quite a lonely existence being the only person like you?

Yeah. There must be other people like me, I’ve just never met them. I only have two friends, and I pretty much just stick with Teleahqua.

What was your life like before the awakening?

I was a normal dude, cool, long hair, into Led Zeppelin.

Do you miss that time?

Yes. But what I have found out is that I was guided the entire time. In the early ’60s, they used to take me to New York. I’m part of the Montauk Project—I’m one of their satellite things. I was tortured my whole life. My mother had me and met my stepfather in 1962, [and] a week later they got married. He had just been released from the criminally insane ward in that big prison in New York. He was the size of the hulk, he was an alcoholic, and he let me know that I wasn’t his. He beat the living hell out of me and tortured me my whole life. Now, when I look into Montauk and the mind control and all that, this is what Ray did to me! But I had the strength inside me, the strength of my imagination. I used to go into other worlds, and no matter what he did to me, I survived.

What was school like?

They took me out of second grade in Ringwood, New Jersey, and they told my parents I was mentally challenged. They put me in one of those special classes for a year. They fed me all kinds of drugs. Every day I had to take these pills, then they changed their mind and said I was a genius! We don’t know what my true DNA is. I believe I have alien DNA in me because I can’t figure out why I can do the stuff I can do. If I can find another me… oh man! That’d be the greatest. I could talk to him or her, I could ask questions and get their input. I’ve not met an equal yet so I keep to myself, keep myself alone.

With all due respect, do you understand why some people don’t believe what you say?

Absolutely. The only people who don’t believe what I say are the people that haven’t been with me and gone to the vortex. You will never find one reference of somebody going with me and deciding that I’m full of shit.

What do you do to let off steam?

I watch the Big Bang Theory. I’ve watched it every day for years! I watch Supernatural, Scrubs, Seinfeld, anything that can bring me a laugh!

Brilliant. Have you got a closing message for anybody reading?

My message to anybody reading this is something I’ve stuck by my whole life, even before I was Sargel18, and that is—when everybody is looking right, look left, and you’ll find the truth.

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