It won’t be long before the stereotypical, convention center-bound trade show will seem as antiquated as a rotary phone or a gas-guzzling SUV. As culture and commerce continue to evolve at a breakneck pace in the social media era, it only follows that the way in which brands, entrepreneurs and customers interact will evolve as well. 

Outpost Trade is an experiential marketing firm at the cutting edge of that evolution, and for a glimpse at the next generation of spaces where brands and their audiences can interact, look no further than Outpost San Francisco City Market 2019

Hot on the heels of their City Market event in Los Angeles, which saw more than 3,000 attendees experience what more than 100 diverse lifestyle brands had to offer, Outpost is bringing their unique breed of immersive commercial interaction to San Francisco on October 19. 

Centered around the theme of “Creating A Cooler Future,” the San Francisco City Market will allow forward thinking companies to tell their stories to the next generation of Bay Area-based entrepreneurs and customers in The Midway, a 40,000-square-foot complex located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. There, attendees will learn how to build their own cannabis brands, forage for their own cocktail ingredients, make compelling films on their iPhones and harness their creativity to build a cooler future, all while surrounded by live music and the latest in gastronomic innovation.

Speaking with PRØHBTD about why they saw San Francisco as the perfect place for their next event, Outpost’s Eric Bach said, “We’re excited to bring Outpost to San Francisco because it is the home of innovation, and in many cases, has been directly responsible for ‘creating a cooler future,’ which is the theme of this event. However, at Outpost, we’re focused on exploring how SF is holistically contributing to this future, not just the tech, but the art, the music and the businesses that make it such a unique place.”

With future-minded panels, workshops and products, the San Francisco City Market is shaping up to occupy the sweet spot where arts, culture, business and branding collide. 

Grab your tickets to the free event here and experience the marketplace of tomorrow. The event is 21+.

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