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Richard Linklater - "I Pee With LGBT"

Academy Award-winning director Richard Linklater of Boyhood and Dazed and Confused fame directed this new PSA encouraging Texans to stand up against the state's proposed anti-transgender bathroom bill. The ACLU, who have been busy as of late, recruited the Texas director to encourage his state not to become another Indiana and North Carolina horror story. 

In a press statement on Monday, the executive director of the ACLU Texas wrote, "Lt. Gov. Patrick and other state lawmakers who support S.B. 6 portray the bill as a 'common sense' protection of 'common decency.' There's nothing decent about a proposed law that would exclude transgender people from public spaces or bar them from participating in public life. With this campaign we hope to raise awareness on the issue and ensure that Texas doesn't consign our transgender brothers and sisters to second-class status under the law."

Individuals can support the cause by purchasing "I Pee with LGBT" merchandise here

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