Safety and Medical Recommendations for Edible Consumption

By Jessica Catalano

Safety and Medical Recommendations for Edible Consumption

The following are important safety recommendations to be aware of before consuming edibles:

  • Be sure to start at the lowest dosage possible, such as 5mg or 10mg, if it is your first time consuming edibles
  • Wait at least two hours before consuming another dose if you feel the first is not working
  • Sublingual edibles hit the bloodstream faster than food so make sure to accommodate your schedule to the faster effects
  • Do not consume edibles and then drive or operate heavy machinery
  • Keep your edibles out of the reach of both children and pets
  • Have a friend or lover stay with you in the event you consume too much and follow the aforementioned advice
  • Do not make edibles at home with flower that contains mold or has not been flushed properly
  • It is not recommended to mix edibles with alcohol—being crossfaded might exacerbate a mental or physical condition—and the same applies when mixing cannabis with other drugs
  • Do not eat edibles from people you do not know very well; always make sure it is from a trusted source instead
  • Properly store your edibles and follow all general food safety guidelines

It is recommended that individuals seeking medicinal benefits try several different approaches to treating their condition. My first recommendation is to have a “Strain Diary” to figure out which strains best treat your symptoms. In this diary, record the following: strain name, strain type, what type of food was the vessel, milligram or gram dosage, onset time, negative and positive effects and how the strain performed on treating your symptoms. This will help patients figure out which strain, what type of food and which dosage works best for them. The second recommendation is to research online which strains are known to treat specific conditions. If a specific strain works for someone else with the same condition, there is a chance it may work for you as well. And lastly, if you are in a medical cannabis or legal state, seek the advice of dispensaries and/or cannabis books/cookbooks.

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