The Smoking Pot

Sautéed Salmon

Something smells fishy in the kitchen, and it’s not just the salmon. In recent years, cannabis consumption has risen from lowbrow edibles to high-end dining experiences, and now you can bring those top-tier tastes right into your own kitchen. Just begin with our cannabis butter and a fresh piece of fish, and make your way up stream to a better way to enjoy infused foods.


Large Non-Stick Pan


1 Oz Cannabis Butter
4 Oz Salmon

Turn the stove to medium heat, and warm your pan until it’s hot. Season your salmon with salt and pepper. Add your cannabis butter, and let it melt around the fish. Spoon the infused butter over the fish while it cooks. Add your preferred amount of garlic and thyme. Watch the sides of the fish as the flesh changes color. When it is about ¾ cooked, it’s time to flip it. Spoon the rest of the cannabis butter on the fish as it finishes cooking. Serve alone or with rice and vegetables for a healthy, medicated meal.

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