RE/MX: Video Vaudeville

Scary Movie Stoned Remix

By David Jenison

The Wayan Brothers’ Scream parody in 2000 reinforces every negative stoner stereotype that we are actively trying to dispel, but these highlights from Scary Movie are still too damn funny to pass up.

Cheech & Chong Day

Robin Williams on Alcohol and Cannabis

Lagunitas Launches New IPA with Cannabis Terps

Cosby Condoms (with Jamie Foxx) #TBT

Richard Linklater - "I Pee With LGBT"

The Ramones Perform on Sha Na Na

Hunter S. Thompson - The Burning of The Christmas Tree (A gonzo binge)

The Stoner Sloth Compilation

The Real History of Illegal Drugs: Marijuana

Harry Anslinger’s Cannabis Prohibition

Fake Book Covers on the Subway (Unpresidented Edition)

Dylan Got the Beatles Stoned in a Trump Hotel

Spaceman Official Trailer

Margot Robbie Opens Up About That Vanity Fair Profile

Chubby Checker - “Stoned in the Bathroom”