Sex, Drugs and Clubbing Study Delivers a Shocker

By David Jenison on October 3, 2017

Last month, the Journal of Drug Issues published a study that examined the association between drug use/risky sex and one's geographic proximity to a preferred nightclub. In other words, if you live next to your favorite club, are you more likely to get high and fuck? The findings might surprise you. 

The study, "Residential Proximity to Electronic Dance Music Nightclubs and Associations With Substance Use, Sexual Behaviors, and Related Problems," surveyed 498 young adults in the Miami area who regularly take drugs and hit nightclubs. Are people who live near their fave club more likely to do blow and have unsafe sex? The answer is no. This group is more likely to have an arrest history, which might stem from living in a nightlife area, but it's the suburbanites who are more likely to get buckwild. Those who live further away had higher rates of alcohol and cocaine use as well as substance dependence issues. Furthermore, the "bridge and tunnel crowd" is more likely to skip the condom when horizontal dancing with someone they just met at the club. 

What did the researchers make of the findings? Per the study, "Results suggest that participants residing further from their preferred nightclubs may be more invested in the nightclub outing and, therefore, engage in more risky behaviors." In other words, when limits are placed on so-called "vices" (even geographic limits), individuals appear to overindulge and take more risks than if the same vice were more available as part of daily life. 

This sounds like something all those Drug War relics at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) definitely need to hear. 

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