Six Things to Make You Feel Sexy in Seconds

August 17, 2017

What makes you feel sexy? According to some surveys, “a new haircut,” “being asked out on a date,” “having silky smooth legs,” “putting on new underwear” and “receiving a compliment,” among other things, make women feel sexy. But as it goes with any trait or mood, true sexiness has to come from within. Duh. Then again, the right accoutrements can incite, excite and catalyze. I challenge you to try any or all of the following six items and see if you don’t feel at least slightly hotter. Even if it’s just on the outside.

1. A Bullet of Red Lipstick: Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Classic Cream Lipstick in Fire

When it comes to actually making out, nothing is messier than red lipstick—and rather unsexy is the rash-like appearance all that smearing creates. But this isn’t about what’s best for kissing, and velvety pout-hugging lipstick makes you instantly more aware of your lips and thus, feels sexy. Plus, it’s a scientific fact that red is the color of sexual attraction, a topic Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know more than a thing or two about. An application of their bright crimson lipstick will have you feeling like you’ve harnessed the powers of seduction.

2. A Bombshell-Worthy Bodysuit: Hot As Hell Spinster Bodysuit

There is something about the way a taught bodysuit—how do I put this?—goes up your butt crack that makes you so delightfully aware of your body that you can’t help but wind up in a sexy state of mind. The tighter, the better. Uncomfortable? Perhaps. But a good bodysuit, like Hot As Hell’s surprisingly easy Spinster style, cut high on the hip and designed so you can wear it with the lacing in the front or back, makes you feel as naughty as it looks.

3. A High-Volume Hair Spritz: Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish

Bedhead is sexy, but unintentional dreadlocks are not. As addictive, and often necessary, as texturizing sprays are, sometimes the tangled reality can be a buzzkill. While sleek, freshly blown-out hair feels amazing, if you ask me, a slightly imperfect, gently tousled and voluminous mane is where it’s at when it comes to sex appeal. Enter Bumble & bumble’s Dryspun Finish mist. A generous blast of this build-up free stuff will double your hair mass and leave it softer than it was right after you washed it.

4. A Stirring Scent: Back to Black By Kilian

Perfumer Kilian Hennessy says himself that “sensuality is very subjective.” Indeed. But some scents are made to invoke a certain reaction, and Back to Black is By Kilian’s official aphrodisiac. A tobacco base gives way to succulent undertones of honey. Fused with hot spices like bergamot, cardamom and patchouli, then topped with notes of amber and a vanilla accord, it might not be for everyone (keep in mind, the best perfumes are controversial), but it is equal parts powerful and decadent.

5. A Pair of Thigh-Grazing Boots: Casadei Techno Blade Stretch-Suede Boots

What style of shoe is beloved by Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman alike? It’s none other than the no-nonsense over-the-knee boot. Slide into a pair and trust me, your legs will instantly feel longer, not to mention fully caressed, and your upper thighs will feel emphasized in a positive way, whether you’re wearing jeans, tights or nothing at all underneath. While the price of a good pair can be as high-commitment as the look, this is a long-term investment that’s proven itself a timeless classic for sexpots of all generations. Extra points for selecting searing red over classic black.

6. A Rare Piece of Jewelry: Wasson Fine Limited-Edition Smoke Collection Necklace

Vetements’ Grinder necklace is pretty sweet, but upon seeing this even subtler work of wearable art by Wasson Fine, it’s easy to forget all about it. Out of model-turned-designer Erin Wasson’s Smoke Collection, a diamond-accented 32-inch chain plays host to a duo of holders, one for your lighter and one for your joint. In solid 14-karat gold, rose gold or silver, it’s the ultimate enthusiast-worthy gift to give yourself. Even if you don’t actually use the holders and just wear it anyway, the pendants look mysteriously cool, so you really can’t go wrong.  It’s available by special order at Wasson Fine.

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