Slink Johnson Gets LOUD with PRØHBTD!

By David Jenison

Slink Johnson Gets LOUD with PRØHBTD!

Black Jesus turned water into Hennessey; Lamar Davis turned a city upside down in Grand Theft Auto; and the comedic actor behind both characters is set to turn cannabis-lifestyle entertainment on its head. Slink Johnson, best known as the title character in Adult Swim’s acclaimed comedy Black Jesus, shows just how funny and wild he can be with his new PRØHBTD series Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson. The show follows Slink as he heads to dispensaries, events, parties, modern growers and celebrity homes to cause chaos and unleash the full force of his over-the-top personality. Slink, founder of the Smoke Yours crew, is deeply passionate about cannabis, and he infuses this passion and energy into every entertaining moment of Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson.

Tell me about Get LOUD! and your favorite parts of the show.

Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson is a great program where we meet the most interesting people, do the most interesting things and go to the most interesting places, and tie it all together with cannabis. My favorite part of the show, by far, is the cannabis, meeting the influencers and meeting the fans. You never know what's going to happen. The only thing you can be sure of is the fact that we're going to get loud. Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson is an adventure. Who doesn't like adventure?

What can viewers expect from the first season?

People can expect hijinks, calamity, laughs, excitement. We travel to different places and cover some of the finest cannabis spots and dispensaries, but I don't want to categorize it as a cannabis show because it's really a lifestyle show. We're getting to see all types of different products and people, just getting to be that fly on the wall entering other people's lives. Like I said, it's not just a stoner show with two guys sitting on the couch getting high. No, we actually go places. We went to Silika Glass, for example, to see how the glass was made. We found out how important it is to have a nice piece of glass, or at least how people appreciate fine glass. There's much more appreciation for enjoying cannabis than just rolling a jay. It's an art form, it's a lifestyle.

What are your feelings on getting involved in the cannabis entertainment space?

I’m poised and I'm primed for this right now. The cannabis industry is definitely growing and flourishing, and I'm going to be the spokesperson for the brand and the lifestyle. I'm going to be the new ambassador to cannabis as it is ushered into this new world, into this new time in history where it's more socially accepted. It's definitely exciting. I'm putting my heart into this one, and I definitely feel this is going to be one for the ages. It's going to be a classic. People will really gravitate to the show.

Is it fair to say this project provides the best insight into who you are and what you enjoy?

Definitely, because this project here is my namesake. It can't get no realer than that. I'm not playing a character or doing a sketch, per se. It's an opportunity for me to go hang out with some cool people and do some cool stuff and take all those people into videoland with me. It's definitely enjoyable because, anytime you're doing something you love, it's always from the heart. This is not a scripted show. We have a destination, and that's it. We're going to find out what happens when we get there. The dialogue is all organic and spur of the moment. To be able to spread my wings artistically is definitely a wonderful thing.

What are some of your favorite experiences filming the show?

One of my favorite things was going to the High Times Cannabis Cup and talking to Xzibit and Tommy Chong. Tommy, that's like a cannabis Jedi right there. It was like Luke Skywalker meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi for the first time. It was an awesome experience to be there and actually pass a jay with a legend.

As you continue to smoke during an episode, does it become easier or more difficult to film?

It can be a daunting task at times, mostly because you're doing takes over and over, and a lot of Get LOUD! is very active. We're not sitting in a studio. Cannabis makes it easier in regard that I'm loosening up, I'm getting in my element, but after 10 jays in the hot sun, you're kind of tired. It only gets difficult after I get burnt.

Can you tell me about any prohibited life experiences outside the show?

I enjoy blunt. Blunt, after blunt, after blunt. Although I've been leaning towards raw papers more as of late. I very much enjoy my cannabis.

Any special guests on Get LOUD! that we can announce?

Every guest on Get LOUD! w/Slink Johnson will definitely be special. I can't let the cat out the bag now. All I can say is stay tuned.

Aside from Get LOUD!, a lot of people know you as Black Jesus. For those who aren't familiar, how would you describe the show?

Black Jesus is a television show by [The Boondocks creator] Aaron McGruder that stars myself, Charlie Murphy, Corey Holcomb, John Witherspoon, Antwon Tanner, Andra Fuller, Valenzia Algarin, Kali Hawk and Angela Gibbs. It's a great ensemble we have. The show is about Jesus being alive and well in 2016, and he lives in Compton. He very much enjoys some of the things that a lot of his urban counterparts enjoy. You can find cannabis, and there's some good trash talking, but he's on a constant mission to promote love and kindness.

You were raised in a religious town in Arkansas. How did your upbringing influence how you wanted to portray Black Jesus?

I loved Arkansas when I was young. The values are always with me, and I feel good about doing Black Jesus. I understand that some people in certain places aren't necessarily that open minded, and it can be a little bit annoying when people don't get it. I don't mind people not agreeing, but I don't like when they don't get it. I just appreciate the people that do.

Do you think that Jesus would have been a cannabis smoker?

Yes, I do 100 percent whole heartedly.

What makes you think that?

According to the bible in which he is the central figure, God created the Earth and all the herbs. The herbs are for us to use. He had no specific usage listed, he just said it's for us. Like that bumper sticker says, “God made bud, man made beer, who are you going with?”

Many people also know you as Lamar Davis from Grand Theft Auto 5. How would you describe Lamar and being part of such a massive gaming franchise?

It's a definite honor. The game is going on three years old, and it still amazes me how big it is. I put myself in a position to make myself a fixture in pop culture right now, and it's humbling. Lamar, so many people love that dude, and I'm thankful to be able to be the one who could bring him to life. Lamar is a lovable idiot. He's a courageous coward. He's a walking oxymoron. He's a philosopher/punk. Lamar, he does all these things. He's definitely a lot of mouth, and he just likes to get things started. I would describe him as an antagonist, an agitator, an instigator. Lamar loves chaos and anarchy, and he finds himself in it.

Before Black Jesus or Grand Theft Auto, was there an experience that really helped shape who you are as a comedian and entertainer?

I was a rapper under the name Slink Capone. I did hip-hop music. I learned about working on a stage, working with people, dealing with fans and being creative. It's not like I woke up in the morning and said I wanted to be an actor. I had to start from scratch. In a sense, some of my training was through hip-hop. It really helped me.

Lastly, tell me about the Smoke Yours crew.

I'm the founder and president of the Smoke Yours crew, which is about friendships and cannabis, and Smoke Yours is involved in more than just smoking marijuana. Smoke Yours means to do you. Whatever you is. You a skater, a chef? Skate yours, cook yours, ski yours, dance yours. I don't know what you do, but do you. Enjoy yourself, and don't let nobody stop you. You be the best you that you can be.

David Jenison ( is Editor-in-Chief at PRØHBTD.


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