So Apparently Cannabis Helps Prevent Beer Goggles

By David Jenison on April 10, 2018

A new study published in Addictive Behaviors examined sexually active young people ages 18 to 25: The participants included 197 young adults who had sex on alcohol, 95 who had sex on alcohol and cannabis, and 86 who had sober sex. The findings?

As expected, the drunk and/or stoned participants had greater odds of a casual hookup than the soda-and-lime crowd. Less expected, however, was the finding that the alcohol-only group exclusively experienced high rates of "embarrassment" after the sexual encounter. This did not occur with the cannabis group, even if its participants were drinking alcohol as well. 

Sure, the "embarrassment" could involve erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation, but not entirely since 53 percent of the participants were female. Alternatively, male and female boozers alike often experience beer goggle incidents that can spark embarrassment the next day and with unexpected future encounters that always seem to happen around smirking friends. Or at least that's what we hear. 

Similar research in Psychology & Sexuality compared the effects of alcohol, cannabis and ecstasy on sexual behavior for 679 young adults who attend dance music clubs and festivals. In this study, participants associated alcohol—but not cannabis and ecstasy—with "post-sex regret." Likewise, men experienced higher rates of sexual dysfunction on alcohol and ecstasy, but not on cannabis.  

Based on these studies, cannabis can apparently help people avoid post-dramatic sex disorder (PDSD), which suggests single men and women should consider lighting up before hitting the bars. Just remember to pack condoms and call a taxi or Lyft.

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