RE/MX: High Fidelity

Soulwax - Rolling Stones Remix

When mashups first appear on the web in the early aughts, Soulwax stood out as one of the superstars. The Belgium-based trio makes music as a band, producer, remixers and under the secondary name 2manydjs. Their mashup of The Stooges "No Fun" and Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It" was an instant classic on 2002's scene-defining Best Bootlegs in the World Ever, which came out the same year as the 2manydjs mixtape As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 (named best album of 2002 by the New York Times). Soulwax, whose star power continued to rise in the years that followed, created this Rolling Stones' remix in 2008. 

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