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Stash Shopping Network Review | ClubM 24K MBox with Brandin LaShea and Talisa Monet

"It's literally like Christmas morning, except for adults," gushes Pot Pie host Brandin LaShea as she unpacks ClubM's ultra-luxurious 24K Box. 

The ClubM team hand-selects premium products for its monthly boxes the way a top sommelier, chef or art curator crafts meaningful sensory experiences, and it achieved the pinnacle of cannabis indulgence with its unparalleled 24K MBox. Like a mythical treasure chest discovered in Point Reyes, the 24K MBox contains more than 150 haute products, including gold-foiled cannagars, gold-plated and diamond-encrusted blunt tips, and a show-stopping vaporizer with more than 200 individually-placed Swarovski crystals. Boxes within the MBox contain innovative products like Giggle Frosting, Space Ninja and Zen Potion, while a lockable stash box is packed with goodies like wooden rolling trays and unique strains stored in artisan humidity jars. 

"Everything we have touched so far has been at the highest quality you can possibly have," notes LaShae's co-host and business partner Talisa Monet. 

LaShae adds, "I have never seen anything in the cannabis industry that is this glamorous and exclusive." 

Learn more about the world's most elite cannabis collection here at ClubM

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