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Stash Shopping Network Review | Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 with Adrienne Airhart

"When you have a high-quality instrument like this, you want to treat it as such… with reverence," says Adrienne Airhart. This is just one of the comments made by the SSN host as she raves about the Hydrology9, a game-changing new delivery device by California-based innovators Cloudious9.  

With a futuristic look comparable to a Stanley Kubrick-designed lightsaber, Hydrology9 is the first vaporizer with integrated water filtration. Adrienne describes Hydrology9 as a "fusion of vape and bong," and it truly lives up to the title boasting clean, consistent and flavorful draws reminiscent of traditional glass, with the convenience and portability expected of a vape. A glass chamber for water connects the sleek mouthpiece and compact oven, and five color-coded temperature settings allow for evenly distributed, customized heat. For those who invest in the finest farm-to-vape flower, this high-tech hybrid device offers unparalleled purity that makes the investment count. 

Hydrology9 epitomizes first-class style through and through, and this standard carries over to an optional leather carrying case that Adrienne calls "the highest-quality case I've ever seen." 

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