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Stash Shopping Network Review | PAX 3 with Heather Hoffman

"I know a lot of people who like to smoke flower in the morning and concentrate before bed," explains Stash Shopping Network host Heather Hoffman, "so the PAX 3 is the perfect two-in-one tool." 

The technologically advanced PAX 3 elevates the vaporizer game as the new industry standard, and Hoffman unboxes the vape and explains its many features, which include a supercharged oven that handles both loose leaf and extracts delivering pure vapor in a matter of seconds. 

Fans of the PAX 2 will definitely want to step up to the new model. Upgrades to the PAX 3 include a customizable temperature setting, a special Stealth mode for public use, an app for smartphone-based controls and an enhanced oven that delivers twice the power as its predecessor. Stylishly designed with medical-grade materials, the PAX 3 is the vaporizer of choice for young, discerning cannabis enthusiasts. 

"If you're looking for a vape to smoke flower and concentrate, that's sleek, discreet and intelligent, definitely pick up a PAX 3," Hoffman recommends. 

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