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What Would Tommy Chong Smoke

Tommy Chong helped invent the stoner comedy and inspire the pop culturalization of cannabis, yet the Grammy-winning actor and comedian later became a drug war POW for merely selling glass bongs. With this type of rep, the icon scored an immediate hit when he launched his new product line, Chong’s Choice, and who better to test the goods than comedian Aristotle Georgeson, a.k.a. Young Trash Lord. In this PRØHBTD Stash installment, it doesn’t take a behind-the-scenes documentary to guess that Aristotle didn’t wait for the cameras to start sampling, making this episode as hilarious as it is informative.

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Chong’s Choice flower is always organic, locally sourced, lab certified and ready to travel, and the different strains come in keepsake jars. Likewise, the .75-gram pre-rolled joints come in odorless air-tight tubes, the Cannabis Cup-winning oil cartridges are made using state-of-the-art C02 extraction methods and the infused Breath Strips are perfect for that swipe-right Tinder date with someone who has unclear 420 inclinations. Highlighting the demand, Chong’s Choice is available in six states (and counting), making it one of the few multi-market celebrity lines.

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Varies by product and retail outlet.

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