Stash Shopping Network Review | Haze Dual V3 with Adrienne Airhart

With her new Haze vape, Adrienne enjoys twice the chambers, and twice the fun

“This is a pretty dope product,” says host Adrienne Airhart about the Haze Dual V3. 

This award-winning vaporizer is the world’s first and only dual-chamber vaporizer with separate compartments for flower and concentrates. The dual-chamber design allows cannabis enthusiasts to shift quickly and easily between concentrates and flower, and its sophisticated aesthetic and compact size provide ideal portability for people who embrace an active lifestyle. 

“No one would ever know that it was a vaporizer,” exclaims Airhart. 

Premium Versatility

The Haze Dual V3 was masterfully designed for people who enjoy the full spectrum of cannabis products. The flower chamber comes with different screen trays for convection, conduction and dry herb, and a special concentrate can traps liquids and waxes to avoid accidental leaking. 

Trying out the different compartments, Airhart pulls out a tray with screens on all sides, noting, “It’s for convection so your herb doesn’t touch the heating element at all.” She then pulls out a tray that only features screens on two sides, adding, “This is basically for hash because your product will touch the sides of the heating element, but not entirely, which is perfect for hash.”

For people on the go, pre-packed canisters allow for rapid and discreet refills making public and outdoor enjoyment more efficient, and removable and rechargeable 2600mAh batteries make for long-lasting, green-friendly power. 


The Heat Is On

Four different temperature settings—365°F, 380°F, 390°F and 415°F—provide precision heat at the touch of a button. It typically takes 60 to 90 seconds to reach the desired heat level, which can be tracked on the Dual V3’s LED digital display. While all four temperatures work well with flower, the two highest temperature settings are ideal for concentrates like oil, wax and shatter. A durable heat seal on the door keeps the vaporizer from getting too hot to hold, and a regulator adjusts the heat levels based on external conditions like humidity, air pressure, altitude and outside temperatures. 

The vaporizer also boasts a patented heat-exchange system that, once the chamber reaches the optimal temperature, provides a cool vapor output for pleasant draws through one of two exchangeable mouthpieces. The glass mouthpiece provides purer taste, while the metal piece offers a smoother vapor, and both can be discreetly stored inside the vaporizer.

“I like the glass one because you can watch the vapor build,” says Airhart, “but it’s just personal preference.”



$249.99 with a 10-year warranty.


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