Stash Shopping Network Review | Integra Boost with Slink Johnson

Slink boosts his Stash with Integra

“Nobody likes dried out bud, nobody,” proclaims Slink Johnson, but properly maintaining freshness is an art. Too little moisture, and your bud becomes dry and brittle, while too much will make you think you’re smoking Moldy OG. Fortunately, the Get LOUD host found the solution in Integra Boost, a disposable moisture-control packet that maintains ideal humidity levels. When added to a storage container, the two-way humidifiers take out the guesswork by releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain humidity levels at 55 or 62 percent. Don’t splurge on farm-fresh flower and let it deteriorate through improper storage when the simple addition of an Integra Boost will ensure optimum quality.

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The Art of Freshness

Moisture Maintenance

Integra Boost is the cannabis equivalent of a temperature-controlled wine cooler that makes sure your 96-point bottle of red doesn’t lose its luster sitting in a muggy cabinet. Just like heat can damage the characteristics of fine wine, humidity and dampness can degradate the finest flower. This is why Integra Boost is an indispensable aid for quality-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Use an eight-gram pack for smaller storage containers or a 67-gram pack for Slink-sized treasure chests, and let Integra Boost do all the work. When do you switch it out? The replacement indicator lets you know by producing a blue dot on the card. Maintain your cannabis investment with Integra Boost.

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The Cost

Get Integra Boost from $4 for a single 67-gram humidifier (or $300 for 100 packs) and $5.70 for a six-pack of eight-gram humidifiers (or $285 for 300 packs).

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