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Adrienne Airhart and Aristotle Georgeson might not be discreet, but their JUJU Joints are

“JUJU Joints are taking the vaporizer market by storm,” proclaims Adrienne Airhart, co-host of the Stash Shopping Network with Young Trash Lord (a.k.a. Aristotle Georgeson). 

Described as the iPod of vaporizers, the strain-specific JUJU Joints are easy-to-use, portable vapes that people can toss (or ideally recycle) when finished. While they come in different strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream, the vapes themselves fall into three main categories. The standard vape comes in a black box and contains concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil, while the JUJU Rx in the white box consists of pure, hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil. A third Hybrid option found in gray boxes contains equal parts THC and CBD. A window near the mouthpiece lets people know how much oil remains in the vape. 

Adrienne Airhart and Aristotle Georgeson might not be discreet, but their JUJU Joints are image

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Stealth Style, Not Flavor

JUJU Joints describe its products as “the most discreet vaporizers on the planet.” These ready-to-go vapes shut off after a five-second puff, produce a minimal amount of odor, fit in the palm of the hand and feature a sleek style that exudes elegance without calling unwanted attention. The company uses four grams of premium flower or hemp for every 250mg of oil, extracted using CO2 without any Propylene Glycol or additives. FDA-approved ceramic insides and automatic temperature controls make for what Airhart describes as “nice, clean hits” full of flavor.  

“I feel like I could just be anywhere, like I could be courtside, and no one would know,” says Young Trash Lord, describing how easy it is to enjoy JUJU Joints in public. 

Good Things Come in Small Packages image

The Cost

The JUJU Rx ships to all 50 states for $29.99 from the distributor. Prices for all other products are set at the retail level and vary by retailer and territory. 

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