Stash Shopping Network Review | Loosey Lu’s with Adrienne Airhart

Adrienne gets a kick out of Loosey Lu's herbal smoking blend

“So if I smoke this,” asks Stash host Adrienne Airhart about the Aphrodisiac Delight cannabis blend, “my fiance is going to get lucky?” 

You’re going to get lucky,” counters Loosey Lu’s founder Luna Rae with a wide grin. 

Loosey Lu’s elevates the cannabis experience with holistic blends that combine herbs known for their therapeutic and aromatic properties. For example, Aphrodisiac Delight pairs two grams of organic White Widow cannabis with eight grams of blue lotus, damiana, sage, motherwort, lobelia, raspberry and peppermint. Each tin comes with a card for a free music download and hemp wick for lighting the herb. Why a hemp wick? Loosey Lu’s cares about all aspects of a person’s health, and decarboxylating (i.e., burning) herb with a hemp wick offers a health-conscious alternative to inhaling butane from lighters and chemicals from matches. 

A few moments later, Airhart smokes the herbal blend and admits, “I’m feeling it. I might have to hop on Instagram and go harass some males.”

So much for the fiance getting lucky. 

Adrienne gets a kick out of Loosey Lu's herbal smoking blend image

Nature’s Finest

Herbal Delight

Loosey Lu’s only uses quality, hand-picked Mountain Rose Herbs certified as organic, fair trade and non-GMO, and individuals can smoke it straight, add cannabis for higher potency or use it as a healthy replacement for tobacco. People can even enjoy the herbs as tea. While Aphrodisiac Delight uses a hybrid strain, the company produces two other blends using indica and sativa. The indica Relaxing Rose includes ramiana, raspberry, marshmallow, lobelia, mugwort, skull cap, sage, mullein and rose, while the sativa Sunny Energy contains spearmint, sage, marshmallow, rose, lemongrass and mullein.

Rae, discussing earth’s holistic medicine, highlights mullein as a natural lung cleanser. “[It] is a really yummy herb to smoke, especially for people smoking a lot of cannabis and tobacco. It basically cleanses you to where you’re getting more of the medicine from the other herbs.” She adds that lemongrass “gives [the blend] more of an energizing quality.” 

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Non-medicated herbal blends are available on the Loosey Lu’s website for $22 to $26, and the company will give one percent of the sale to organizations like Farm Aid or Kiss the Ground as chosen by the consumer during checkout. Dispensaries like 99 High Tide and The Green Goddess in Los Angeles and Lifted Health and Wellness in San Francisco carry the medicated blends, the cost of which typically starts in the mid-$30s. 



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