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The PAX 3 sets a new industry standard as the vaporizer of choice for young, fashion-minded jetsetters. This technologically advanced vaporizer handles both loose leaf and extracts delivering pure vapor in a matter of seconds. Stylishly designed with medical-grade materials, the PAX 3 radiates a sleek elegance that turns heads, but a special Stealth Profile dims the lights and accelerates the cool down to minimize the emission of what is already a nominal amount of cannabis aroma. For those who can enjoy without needing to be discreet, a high-powered Boost mode provides quicker draws with greater vapor density. 

Fans of the PAX 2 might ask if it's worth the upgrade, and the answer is an unequivocal yes. Upgrades to the PAX 3 include an app for smartphone-based controls, a customizable temperature setting and super-charged oven that now delivers twice the strength as its predecessor. The PAX 3 is available in three color profiles—black, silver and gold with a high-polished anodized aluminum exterior—and comes with a limited 10-year-warranty. 

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