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STASH Spotlight | ClubM 24K MBox

Santa might come once a year, but ClubM arrives with a new MBox every month, and these meticulously curated collections represent the pinnacle of cannabis culture. 

Unlike budtenders who typically provide only basic recommendations, the ClubM team compiles monthly boxes the way a first-class wine sommelier or art curator would craft meaningful experiences. The products epitomize the highest quality, but they also tell stories about a culture and industry that's rapidly evolving with creative, aesthetic and technological breakthroughs. Each new MBox presents the next chapter filled with stylish vapes, artisan edibles, flavorful oils, terpene-rich flower and other exclusive products conveniently delivered to your home for only $97 a month. 

ClubM members also have access to premium collections like the Love Box (with hazelnut chocolate body spread), the Explore Box (with Dapper Labs' moon rocks) and the limited-edition MBox 1K (with infused tea, coffee, oil, wax, pens, cookies and pre-rolls). And for the ultimate in cannabis extravagance, ClubM offers the 24K MBox (featured in the video above) with more than 150 luxurious products, including a sparkling vaporizer encrusted with more than 200 hand-placed Swarovski crystals. The 24K represents the finest cannabis experience the world has to offer. 

Famed art critic Hans Ulrich Obrist once said, "I see a curator as a catalyst, generator and motivator… creating a bridge to the public." As a leading cannabis curator, ClubM is all that and more, turning enthusiasts into tastemakers. 

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