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STASH Spotlight | Tree Trunk

"From start to finish, each Tree Trunk is touched only by a human," says Phil Andrews, a third-generation craftsman in Vancouver, Canada. "There's no computer-guided anything, and we handcraft everything besides the aluminum insert, which starts with a solid block of aluminum so nothing will ever fail, crack or break. We're creating an heirloom product that's gonna last a lifetime."

Andrews, who launched Tree Trunk with NYC fashion photographer and creative director Heath Grout, individually handcrafts each piece from black walnut wood. Made specifically for cannabis, these artisanal storage units contain a solid aluminum insert, a luxe custom interior, exterior lights, airtight ultraviolet glass jars, a secure lock and a USB port. From the gorgeous grain patterns to its soft touch, Tree Trunk is a timeless showpiece that brings a new standard of excellence. 

"All of the hardware and every component has a function," explains Grout. "We were very adamant, as avid smokers, that we wanted to make sure everything functions for a reason. For example, the rolling tray doesn't have any hard edges so the weed doesn't get caught in it. Same with the illumination inside and the aluminum. Everything serves a purpose and a function."

Andrews adds, "It's about as good as you can get, and it's sustainable. We're creating a luxury product for luxury clientele. I feel that it speaks to them." 

The Tree Trunk retails for $2,250 and the Tree Trunk Mini for $399. 

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