Summer Calls for Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

By Michael A. Stusser on July 11, 2017

I was going to begin this article with the fact that demand for weed is now so high it would outsell ice cream if legalized nationally. Instead, I will begin with an official warning. It would be negligent not to mention the fact that any cannabis product that appeals to children—or even other adults—must be properly labelled, and, in the case of yummy ice cream, be locked away in an adult-only freezer far from tiny prying hands. It should also be noted that no one in the history of the world has ever died from a cannabis overdose, but being overly baked is a big-time bummer and should be taken seriously. 

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the formalities, let’s dig in to the best options for cannabis ice cream on the market. There are obvious reasons many adults enjoy cannabis ice cream. First, ice cream is delicious. Everyone knows that. Second, the high from ice cream edibles hits you faster than that of other edibles, as it doesn’t take long for the body to digest, and thus the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can go to work faster than the typical 30 to 45 minute wait time for other pot products. Finally, for Californians, it’s time to enjoy these delicious scoops now because it appears cannabis-infused ice cream might not be allowed once official recreational rules are in place in 2018. So, let’s get to The High End: Ice Cream Edition! 


Drip makes cannabis-infused ice cream in Oregon. Their ice cream is available in four yummy flavors, and two potency levels—a regular dose (15mg THC) and Extra Strength (75 mg THC). Made by farmers and dairy enthusiasts, Drip ice cream is all natural, uses fair trade local ingredients, and is rBST free (whatever the hell that means). Favorite flavor? Salted Caramel! Though the Honey Lavender is great. And so’s the Coconut Lemon Zest….

Beezle's Creamery

How about some Ice Cream Push Pops… with pot! Award-winning Beezle Extracts, from Sonoma County, is expanding their product line with six flavors of infused ice cream using their own brand of cannabis honey oil. Made with all natural ingredients, Beezle’s bought an old Cold Stone Creamery ice cream machine and began experimenting with flavors. Their current lineup includes Not Yo Mama’s Vanilla, Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream, Orange Dreamsicle, Buttered + Toasted and a vegan option made from nut and seed butter, Gone Bananers. My personal favorite? Mixed Berry Blazed. 

Make Your Own CannaCream

For those DIY types, there are dozens of great books and online tutorials on how to make your own canna-ice cream. And since it’s summer, it might make for a fine lazy day of cranking and chilling and eating and laying on an inflatable chair in a body of water in your backyard. A catch-all book on the subject, Ice Cream Cannabis Creations features frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet and milkshake recipes that will put your breezy, baked dreams in motion. 

Remedy Ice Cream

The folks at Remedy came into the ice cream business with a medical mindset, wanting to provide a way for those in need to consume their cannabis in a more pleasant way than smoking it. They began infusing high quality cannabis into ice cream, enabling medical patients in Canada to ingest THC for all kinds of ailments in a variety of doses. The result is a small batch ice cream that comes in four-ounce containers using natural ingredients in eight mouth-watering flavors such as lime coconut, Charlie Brown’s sweater and cocoa menthe. Canada is currently legalizing cannabis across the country—not only for medical purposes but also recreational—so if Remedy wants to go big with their concept, they’ve got quite a delicious head start. 

Angel Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream

A major bonus for Angel Haus Ice Cream is the fact ya don’t have to get off the couch in order to eat it. Well, technically you do have to answer the door. With a focus on helping those needing cannabis for medicinal purposes,Angel Haus delivers their delicious treats to patients in Southern California, including ice cream sandwiches, popsicles and stoned waffle cones. Packed with hall fresh ingredients (and never using added sugar or preservatives), each month Angel Haus produces a new, innovative, made-from-scratch batch including Blueberry Kush, Vanilla Angel and a variety of cannabis ice cream pies! Lady Garcia Ice Cream Pie is toasted in their Vanilla Angel ice cream and nestled in handmade Peanut Rice Crispy crust…. outta this world! Mindful of the seriousness of many of the problems their clients encounter, Angel Haus also donates a percentage of each purchase to cancer research. #FuckCancer. Watch for their Ice-Cream-By-The-Sea Pop-Up Bars that roll on “Angel Trike” bicycles along PCH!

Pot Popsicles

They make wine popsicles, and champagne popsicles, so why not potsicles! While we couldn't find any professionally made potsicles (probably due to folks sucking them down immediately after purchase), please enjoy this silly DIY video for instructions on how to make your very own. 

Ice Scream for Real Ice Cream

Of course you can buy Ganjalato or make your own potsicles, but all of those options are difficult: The dosing needs to be right, you don’t want to chow the ice cream at the store and drive home baked, and once you get the CannaCream into the house, you then need to make sure it’s in a child-proof freezer. And, sadly, the ice cream truck from Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams isn’t available to the public at this time. Luckily, there’s a better option: Get stoned to the bejesus the old fashioned way (i.e., bong hits!) and then open up the freezer and crack open a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream! They already have the cannabis-infused names like Satisfy My Bowl, Half Baked, Magic Brownies, Cherry Garcia and Hazed & Confused! But my favorite has to be their newest flavor, OneLove, which is a banana ice cream packed full of peace-sign shaped chocolate pieces, caramel and graham crackers. Irie! One Love ice cream honors the great Bob Marley and, best of all, benefits the Bob Marley Foundation’s One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica. 

Michael A. Stusser is a documentary film-maker and host of Higher Ground TV.


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