5 Best Spring ’18 Trends from Fashion Month

October 16, 2017

The designers have spoken. Again. Doesn’t it seem like there’s a fashion week every matter of weeks? The upside of fast fashion means your new favorite trends may technically be from the future, but you don’t have to wait until then to adopt them. While this latest release from beloved brands won’t hit stores for a few months, there’s no trend here you can’t start sporting right now. Wear now, buy later? Or more like, live in the moment and think about later later on.

1. Fanny Packs

The fanny pack has been spotted on street-style stars and legit stars (e.g., Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna) alike for some time now, but the fact that it was all over New York Fashion Week runways cements the accessory as a mainstream trend. While designers including Marc Jacobs, Rachel Comey and Zimmermann showed theirs the old-fashioned way—slung around the hip or belted right at the waist—everyone knows the “real” way to wear the modern fanny pack is tossed casually over the shoulder, or even better, worn like a crossbody bag. It’s not often such versatile convenience is accompanied with a cool factor, so make 2018 your year to capitalize.

2. Shorts Suits

Nothing says business on top and party on the bottom like the combination of a coordinating blazer and pair of shorts, except for perhaps a monocle worn with crotch-less panties. Referring to the former, it’s louche, it’s unbothered—well, just a little bothered, but that’s the point—and it says, “I mean business, but I also don’t really care what you think. And my limbs enjoy getting some air.” Besides, when Tom Ford says wear something, you do it. Alice + Olivia, Prabal Gurung and Monse are also on board. Just be sure your jacket is on the oversized side and your shorts are loose yet tailored. Too tight and the shorts suit is an automatic fail.

3. Stuff Tied Around Your Waist

Nineties nostalgia is stronger than ever at the moment, and if the Spring ’18 runways are any indication, it’s only strengthening. Lazy and indecisive people (and aren’t we all at least one or the other?) have been tying shirts, usually of the plaid flannel variety, around their waists for as long as most of us can remember. As of a few seasons ago, designers began fashioning garments with built-in knots and dangling so-called sleeves. As of this new season, it’s a thing, so to speak. Jason Wu knotted up reworked pencil skirts, Jeremy Scott went neon and sky-high, Kith took theirs with a puffy parka and Alexander Wang naturally imbued some leather into his variation.

4. Tropical-Punched Prints

“Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” This snarky line out of Meryl Streep’s mouth in The Devil Wears Prada endures. It’s really hard to give a shit about florals for spring. But a tropical print is something that might inspire a little enthusiasm. Anything associated with vacations and piña coladas deserves some credit. Baja East went for festively coordinated casual separates, Michael Kors elected “American girl in the Caribbean” halter dresses, Gucci delivered their now-classic blend of completely crazy and covetable brilliance with searing brights and loads of beads, and, naturally, Fenty Puma injected some island-girl flair into their vintage-inspired baseball tees.

5. All Things Futuristic Silver

“Look at me NOW!” If you’re the type who doesn’t want your clothes to make this kind of proclamation, avert your eyes or reconsider—there are moments when you ought to shine, literally speaking, and Spring ’18 agrees wholeheartedly. Temperley London and Julien MacDonald have your new gala gowns good to go; just get ready to be picking up silver sequins off the floor for years to come. Ashish has taken disco suiting to new levels, and Nicopanda will get you looking like you have an aluminum foil fetish, so for a subtler approach, opt for Versus Versace’s metallic leather update on the jean jacket.

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