The Cannabis Condom: It’s Only a Matter of Time

February 27, 2018

Condoms can be a tough sell. While some mind them less than others, nobody really likes condoms. They’re kind of a necessary evil, especially if you want to have sex with someone you don’t particularly trust or don't want to get pregnant, just to state the obvious. In case you didn’t realize, the condom is the only method of birth control that also prevents against sexually transmitted infections. A multitasker! 

Despite what we all know, their popularity has been on the major decline in recent years. Millennials aren’t into condoms! By no coincidence, STDs have been steadily on the rise for the last few years. As of 2016, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a staggering two million cases of the most common STDs, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, which is the highest number ever. Similarly on the rise is the rape-adjacent (you can also just say rape-y) trend of "stealthing," which is when a guy sneakily and secretly removes the condom midway through sex. Not cool. 

It’s not just guys. A 2017 study surveyed 1,000 unusually candid Americans and 1,000 at least somewhat honest Europeans and found that 65.5 percent of Americans tend to partake in unprotected sex, with 29.1 percent ditching any form of protection “every single time.” This esteemed “every single time” crew was made up of 23.5 percent men and 36.8 percent women. As for Europeans, their percentages came in a little better with only 55.1 percent of them reported engaging in unprotected sex, and a mere 18.2 percent admitting to never so much as reaching for a condom. That means one in three American women are having unprotected sex every time they have sex. Let’s keep in mind, despite its relative unfavorability, the condom is still the most popular form of contraception and protection. 

Something needs to be done, or else we’re all going to be walking around with chlamydia or worse. It poses a question with a simple answer: How do we make condoms more appealing? Lace them with cannabis, obviously. To be clear, real cannabis condoms, which aren’t yet on the market, are not to be confused with cannabis-flavored condoms—or as they’re branded Cannadoms, which contain no THC, just a simulated scent and peculiar green hue. What good is that? The cannabis-infused condom is soon to be a reality, now that its official patent has been released. 

It’s a natural union really. An article in the November 2017 Journal of Medicine reported people who smoke cannabis most definitely have more sex than those who don’t. It’s also a marriage that’s already being tapped by brands like Foria, whose mission is to “unlock profound pleasures.” A step beyond Foria’s trailblazing line of infused lubricants and suppositories and HighGasm’s edible lube with “25mgs of cannabis essence,” the cannabis condom’s patent was initially filed in 2015 (creating and eventually selling a new invention is a slow process). The idea is that it “incorporates cannabis or cannabis derived active ingredients in an immediate release form, having a predefined disintegration time of said active ingredient; further wherein said condom is adapted to increase the pleasure.” That’s technical lingo for this is a condom, most likely substantially made of latex, that will get you high, or at the very least, make sex feel better. How will it work? Biocompatible polymers and additives incorporated with cannabis, that’s how. Apparently, these polymers and additives can also be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Speaking of a multitasker! 

It's still hard to say exactly what the cannabis-infused condom will look like, how it will be marketed and just how popular it will be. Let’s just hope there aren’t any bad puns or green color themes involved. If and when it does become a reality, it has the potential to solve our current condom conundrum. Sure, it’s still a barrier between the penis and vagina—and let’s be honest, nothing feels better than good old-fashioned raw dogging. But if it increases pleasure (and not in the Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy way, heavy-handed marketing that just comes down to a double helping of lube), makes you feel better in general and even keeps your dick from going soft, then we might have something revolutionary here. 

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