The PRØHBTD States

By David Jenison

The PRØHBTD States

In direct contradiction to the idea of hope and change, the federal government still embraces cannabis prohibition and the dishonest propaganda that attempts to validate it. From discriminatory law enforcement to unjustifiable drug scheduling, Capitol Hill has a snake-handling, flat-earth level of anti-cannabis dogma that most Americans reject. In fact, more than half the states have rejected it already. 

As of November 2016, 28 states approved medical cannabis, and eight states and the District of Columbia approved recreational. D.C. in particular had to vote for it twice before Congress finally allowed it. Anti-prohibition sentiment is sweeping the nation, but as long as the federal government defies democratic will, states must continue to lead the way. 

Still, states and territories all differ in cannabis legislation and their stance toward it, and the ever-changing legal landscape can cause confusion both for locals and visitors. PRØHBTD compiled the following guide to provide clarity on the 50 states' different laws and prohibitions.

State and territory profiles include the following:

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