RE/MX: Video Vaudeville

The Stoner Sloth Compilation

The government of New South Wales—the southeastern Australian state that contains Sydney—has made a splash with these hilarious anti-cannabis videos that include several epic taglines, including the following:

When you realise you should have hit the books and not the bong.

When your mate got blazed but isn’t blazing through the exam.

Life of the party... said no one ever. 

We're surprised they didn't drop a tag like, "Smoking pot is cool... NOT!"

The videos have indeed gone viral, but making them trend are people mocking their absurdity. The prohibitionist campaign is so ridiculous that the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPI), which was initially linked to the propaganda videos, released a statement distancing itself from them. The statement read, "In this case, those general recommendations were things like being aware that teenagers are intelligent and have access to a lot of information, so campaign approaches should respect them and give them credit by avoiding hyperbole.”

Making this mess even funnier, the video website is, but most people unintentionally visited, which is actually a Colorado-based cannabis company. That's right, the prohibitionist campaign is driving traffic to a pro-cannabis site, the owner of which issued the following response: "There are hundreds of thousands of pot smokers that work full-time jobs, pay their bills, help our nations run, even teach our children. One way or another weed hasn't ruined people's lives." He later added that the overly dramatic stoner stereotype pushes "the stoner stigma with negativity and fear." 

Does it get worse? It certainly does. One entrepeneur is already selling Stoner Sloth t-shirts (image below) with the line "pass the salt" taken straight from one of the videos. Needless to say, "stoner sloth" and "pass the salt" have officially found a home in the cannabis lexicon. 



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