RE/MX: Eclectic Method

The Ultimate Star Wars Primer

Diehard fans aside—and there are a lot of you out there—who has the time, or endurance, to watch all six films in succession? No need. Prepare for The Force Awakens with the help of Eclectic Method. They’ve condensed more than 13 hours of cinematic adventure into a tidy three minutes.


Chewie Tune

Deadpool Remix

“Whiplashup” (with Genranon)

"Bernie VS Hillary: SUPERPAC"

Meta Hip Hop

"Elmo Says Bounce"

The Zoolander Remix

2001: A Space Odyssey Turns 50!

Creature Comforts x Skepta "Shutdown" Mashup

Trump Goes Crunk

Master Yoda

Christmas Spirit

Terminator Remix

Jean-Claude Van Damme Green Screen Remix