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The World's Hottest New Restaurant Sits on a Farm in Sonoma

This year's World's 50 Best Restaurants awards will be announced June 19 in Spain, but several honors precede the event, including the coveted “One to Watch” honor for the fastest-rising restaurant. This year's winner of the Miele-sponsored award went to SingleThread, where husband-wife team Katina and Kyle Connaughton serve Japanese-inspired cuisine on a five-acre farm in the heart of California wine country. The two Michelin-starred restaurant only opened 18 months ago.

The last two winners were Disfrutar (helmed by three elBulli alums) in Barcelona and Den in Tokyo, which both quickly grew into world-famous dining destinations. The 2018 awards also included Clare Smyth for Best Female Chef and Peruvian icon Gastón Acurio for the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

What does PRØHBTD predict for the upcoming 50 Best awards? Watch for home court advantage that could see Madrid crack the 50 Best with DiverXO and Barcelona potentially adding three more restaurants with Disfrutar, Enigma and Lasarte (joining Tickets, currently at No. 25). Likewise, Mikla should become Istanbul's first restaurant among the 50 Best. Expect upward movement for Maido, Den and Azurmendi, while Nahm, Arzak and Astrid y Gastón will likely slip a few spots. Melbourne's Lûmé and Bangkok's Paste absolutely belong on the list but probably won't make it this year. Finally, if Michelin really is coming to Los Angeles next year, the London-based 50 Best should set the trend by making Vespertine the first Los Angeles-based restaurant on its list. 

Check back June 19 to see if we deserve a “One to Predict” award. 

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