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Toasted Coconut Oil

Health gurus like to classify coconut oil as a superfood, but even super can be improved upon as evidenced by this culinary-­cannabis recipe. Utilize toasted coconut oil as a tasty addition to baked goods, hot beverages, coconut shrimp, stir fry and PRØHBTD’s own green­-on-­green smoothie.

15 Minutes Prep
4 Hours Steep

Large Bowl
High­-Heat Thermometer
Cheese Cloth or Strainer
Rubber Spatula
Glass Measuring Cup


1 OZ of Cannabis
1 15­OZ Jar of Coconut Oil

Fine chop the cannabis, and set the coconut oil in a warm place until it takes a liquid form. Place the saucepan on a stove burner, and secure the high­-heat thermometer to the side of the pot with a small clip. Pour the liquid coconut oil directly into the saucepan and heat the oil until it reaches a temperature of 250°F. Add the chopped cannabis, and stir it until all the cannabis is saturated. 

Allow the oil to bubble up, toasting the buds and lightly frying them. As the buds start to change color from green to slightly brown, take the saucepan off the hot burner and move it to a cold burner, and let the mixture steep for four hours.

Line the large bowl with a cheesecloth (muslin cloth) securing the sides of the cloth around the edge of the bowl with a string. (Note: A strainer can also be used to filter out the plant material, but cheese cloth is preferred.)

After the mixture has steeped for four hours, pour the contents of the saucepan into the bowl, making sure the ends of the cheese cloth stay dry. Use the rubber spatula to get all the oil out of the sauce pan. Gather the ends of the cheese cloth, making a little sachet, and begin to wring out the cheese cloth squeezing out all the oil into the glass measuring cup. From the measuring cup, pour the toasted coconut oil into a squeeze bottle or other storage container, and place a large piece of tape on the bottle that reads “Coconut Oil - ­Caution” to ensure safe storage and no accidents.

Controlling dosage with edibles is important. We recommend starting slowly (5 to 10mg for newbies) as people can experience panic attacks from consuming too much. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence suggests that indica strains might decrease the risk of adverse panic-related reactions. 


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