Tony Greenhand Is the World's Most In-Demand Joint Roller

By David Silverberg on February 15, 2019

You probably know someone who’s told you, “I roll the best joints in the world, man.” Oh really? Then that braggart has never met Tony Greenhand.

The Oregon cannabis enthusiast is known as one of the best and most creative joint creators in the world, but don’t take his word (or my word) for it. A quick scan of his Instagram feed reveals the innovative shapes and characters the 29-year-old has made since he began posting photos of his beauts.

Rick & Morty, turtles, AK-47 guns, Pikachu, dragons and Tommy Chong have all been subjects of Greenhand’s custom joints, which often require many drafts before he gets it right. “Of course I’m not going to have something perfect the first time,” he says. “The most creative rollers are the ones that fail and keep going.”

Greenhand says he’s rolled thousands of joints, thanks to his weed-loving habit, and he smokes around 14 to 28 grams per day. That’s not a typo.

“I haven’t been sober for more than 15 days since I was 18. I have a high tolerance,” he says, laughing. “I could smoke three grams and barely feel it, depending on the strain.”

How can he afford such consumption? It helps that he grows and breeds his own bud, and also that some of his custom joint rolls can cost clients as much as $10,000. A punch bowl-sized watermelon blunt containing about four pounds of cannabis has set the record so far, and it’s a frequent sight to catch a few hundred people smoking off a single Tony Greenhand creation at a festival.

Because he fields 100 messages a day requesting his services, Greenhand is selective about whom he works with or visits. Still, when a client inks a deal with him, Greenhand ensures the interested party visits him with flower and waits while he rolls it.

“I smoke it with them because these joints are complex, and I have to instruct them on how to smoke it," he notes. "Otherwise, it’s a waste."

His joints have a wider diameter than most and include air tunnels that could be burned by clueless tokers. The ones with various lighting points have to be lit at the right time or it could ruin the joint.

His favorite design is the blunt gun that “shoots” joint bullets. He says, “One of these days I’ll figure out how to add an air compressor to the clip so it can shoot out those ‘bullets’ without blowing up the gun.”

He’s crafted originals for a range of celebrities, such as Mike Tyson, Tommy Chong and 2 Chainz, the latter receiving a paper joint necklace. For that custom build, he used rolling glue common in high-end cigars and crafted 42 interlocking joints resembling links on a chain.

Greenhand also shows off his rolling skills in Instagram videos where he spins a J with one hand, rolls another one blindfolded and even produces a nice spliff only using his elbows. His services are so in demand that he’s been asked countless times to attend festivals and conferences to “roll joints non-stop, like being a full-time budtender at some event. But I don’t want to roll joint after joint for people. I want to roll them for fun and have a good time.”

As for his dream design, he’d like to tackle a project that almost seems impossible: “A joint painting. Yep! Something like the Last Supper. It’ll be two-dimensional and smokeable. One of these days I’ll do it.”

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