Top 5 Tech Companies Based on Cannabis Love

By David Jenison on May 14, 2018

A recent poll looked at cannabis consumption inside the top tech companies, and nearly 40 percent of the workforce had consumed cannabis in the past six months. That's more than five times the national average. But which are the highest of the high-tech companies? The top five are as follows:

Lyft: The rideshare company took the top spot with 49 percent of its office employees (as opposed to drivers) lighting up. Lyft deserves bonus points for its Super Troopers promotion last month that sought to reduce stoned driving on 420. 

Netflix: The entertainment company nearly tied for first with 49 percent as well. Coincidentally, that might also be how many people binge-watch Netflix when stoned. 

Pinterest: The photo-sharing site took the three spot at 48 percent, which might not be a surprise to anyone who ever typed "cannabis" into its search engine.

Amazon: The online retailer finished fourth as 47 percent of its employees claimed to smoke. Suddenly those delivery drones are starting to make a lot more sense.

Snapchat: Can any tech company start in Venice Beach and not have a bunch of stoners? For Snapchat, it's 47 percent of the staff, most of whom have a dispensary within walking distance of their offices. 

So what about the big three? Apple, Google and Facebook finished seventh (45 percent), eighth (43 percent) and ninth (41 percent), respectively, while Microsoft placed 15th with only 34 percent. Among the top 20 companies, Adobe finished last with 23 percent smoking in the past six months. 

Ironically, 46 percent of Airbnb staff said it smoked cannabis, even though most of its users aren't allowed to smoke in the properties.

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