Top Reasons People Combine Cannabis and Exercise

By David Jenison on June 29, 2018

Why do people combine cannabis and exercise? Researchers asked this very question to 42 men and 30 women who worked out an average of 417 to 451 minutes per week. The findings appeared in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, and here's what the workout fiends had to say:

* 74.5 percent combined cannabis and exercise at least once a week
* 28 different physical activities were associated with cannabis use
* Hiking, running, resistance training, yoga and cycling led the pack
* 69 percent felt cannabis had a positive effect on their performance
* Two percent felt that cannabis negatively affected performance
* 29 percent felt cannabis did not affect performance in either way
* 51 percent consumed cannabis within an hour before the workout
* 39 percent consumed cannabis within an hour after the workout
* Four percent consumed cannabis during the workout

Among those who enjoyed cannabis before the workout, 47 percent smoked a sativa strain, and they felt cannabis "improved focus, 'getting into the zone,' pain prevention and increased pleasure." For those who consumed cannabis after the workout, 39 percent smoked an indica strain, and they felt cannabis helped "to relax, aid in recovery and stimulate appetite." 

Does this make cannabis a performance-enhancing drug? Well, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) apparently believes it is for those playing video games: The world's largest eSports events company started testing players in 2015 for cannabis use during competitions. 

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