PRØHBTD Cities | Boston | TOSH1

Tosh1, son of legendary Peter Tosh, opened up to PRØHBTD Cities Boston about his dedication to music and sharing the same devotion to cannabis as his father. Still representing his fathers' lyric-turned-slogan "Legalize it," Tosh1 reminds us that it's about time we listened closer.

Shortly after this interview, Tosh1—born Jawara McIntosh—found out a recent cannabis-possession charge might net him up to 20 years in jail. He ultimately received a six-month sentence in a New Jersey jail, but while behind bars for the non-violent cannabis offense, he suffered traumatic brain injuries from a physical assault. The music artist and activist has been in a coma since the February attack, yet the prison has yet to provide real information about what happened except that it apparently involved another inmate.  

Tosh1, who performed his father's hit "Legalize It" in front of the New Jersey statehouse in 2014, is the father of four children. 

A June 2017 report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) found that cannabis arrests are at an all-time high in the Garden State, with an arrest happening every 22 minutes. Racial disparities are also at an all-time high. In Bergen County, where the police busted Tosh1 and the prison assault occurred, African-Americans are arrested at 3.25 times the rate of their white neighbors. 

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