Twitter: Bernie, Warren, Chong, MacFarlane and Others React to DEA Bombshell

By David Jenison

Twitter: Bernie, Warren, Chong, MacFarlane and Others React to DEA Bombshell

The Prohibition Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced today that, once again, it would not reschedule or deschedule cannabis, meaning it still thinks coke, meth and OxyContin are safer, less addictive and more beneficial. Naturally, the Twitterverse exploded with comments on the disgraceful bureaucratic act. The following are some highlights:


Seth MacFarlane: U.S. Affirms Its Prohibition On Medical Marijuana-- y'know, 'cause we haven't done enough dumb things this year.

Bernie Sanders: Keeping marijuana in the same category as heroin is absurd. The time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana.

Bernie Sanders: If we are serious about criminal justice reform, we must remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act.

Tommy Chong: We have to reschedule the DEA.

Joe Rogan: The DEA once again proves it's a corrupt, archaic thinking, draconian institution that doesn't represent science.

Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein: The DEA is wrong for declining the use of marijuana for medical purposes. We need to end the failed war on drugs and legalize marijuana.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer: DEA again shows it is profoundly  out of touch. 1/2 states and millions know what DEA can't  figure out: marijuana has medicinal value.

Senator Elizabeth Warren: I'll keep pushing our federal agencies to reschedule marijuana as part of crafting a rational research & public health strategy.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand : Time for #DEA to remove marijuana from Sched 1 to expand #medicalmarijuana research & ensure families in need get legal access to treatment.

Congressman Ted Lieu: #DEA should not be making decisions on medical marijuana. Doctors should. This is an example of government stupidity

ThinkProgress: DEA doubles down on position that medical marijuana has no benefits, ignores science.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: It appears #DEA is stuck in the Middle Ages when it comes to science. Reminds us of the Church v Galileo conflict.

Vine star Brian Lafond: Civil asset forfeiture should be illegal. Police and DEA robbing Americans without even charging them with a crime. It's mental.

el-p: Guessing the DEA will keep weed illegal until it's proven that potential profits of legalization would out weigh private prison industry $.

Reporter Maia Szalavitz: Let's stop trying to come up w/reasons the DEA didn't resked MJ:  doing so would be existential threat to agency, that's why.

Radio host Russ Belville: Feds say cannabinoids have medical use (USPTO) AND cannabis itself does not (DEA). Like saying vitamin C is nutritious, but oranges are not.

Actor John Fugelsang: The federal government announces that marijuana is still one of the most dangerous drugs & I'm like 'well whatever you're smoking sure is.'

Dr. Duncan Trussell: At least the DEA got cigarettes right!  Smoking is a harmless activity that has never killed anyone. That's why it's legal.

Dr. Duncan Trussell: The DEA makes money from stealing the property of people who are busted with marijuana.  Why would they reschedule?

NORML: There is nothing scientific about willful ignorance.

Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben: Obama's DEA keeps marijuana illegal Schedule 1 drug (like heroin) while Malia smokes pot.

@highmindedjews: Having law enforcement entities like DEA make medical research policy is like having privileged men make women's health poli… wait a sec…

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal: DEA decision2keep #marijuana in sched1 is all abt FDA insisting private pharmaceuticalization is only way they know,even w/traditional plant

@kara3864: [DEA chief] Chuck Rosenberg was a Big Pharma lobbyist who said medical Marijuana was a joke. Gotta keep Pharmaboy happy.

Documentary filmmaker Dave Stanley: Chuck Rosenberg and the DEA are on the wrong side of history. 88% of people in this country disagree with your scientific assessment.

Mechanical Hound: "Children with epilepsy are just using cannabis to get high." - Chuck Rosenberg

@Mister_Mxy: #ChuckRosenberg You do not represent the medical benefits of cannabis factually. You are thwarting the rights of US citizens. Despicable.

@JRSchwarzinger: @DEAHQ Chuck Rosenberg - Classify alcohol as schedule 1, or remove marijuana from schedule 1. Also, please resign - you're incompetent.




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