Twitter Loves Cannabis!

By David Jenison on January 5, 2018

Do you tweet about cannabis? If yes, this study suggests you do so with high praise. 

"Retweet to Pass the Blunt," an awesomely titled piece in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, analyzed more than 13 million cannabis-related tweets, and 76 percent were personal communications (as opposed to media and retail posts). Among the personal tweets, 71 percent expressed a "positive sentiment" toward cannabis compared to 13 percent who wrote something negative. That's nearly a six-to-one advantage in favor of cannabis love on Twitter. 

The study also looked at where the tweets originated. Nearly a third included state-level geographical information, and "states with less restrictive policies displayed greater cannabis-related tweeting and conveyed more positive sentiment." In other words, those with greater access to cannabis had more positive things to say about it. 

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