Twitter Loves Concentrates!

By David Jenison on July 13, 2018

From the people who brought you Twitter Loves Cannabis and Twitter Loves Rosin comes new social-media analysis that confirms Twitter loves concentrates as well! Published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal, the latest study surveyed 687 U.S. cannabis consumers via Twitter and found that concentrates are popular with the tweeting community.

Per the findings, 48 percent reported using cannabis concentrates, while 13 percent used them every day. Likewise, the use of concentrates was associated with more liberal cannabis laws in users’ respective states, and daily use was associated with perceived medical need. 

The study concluded, "Living in states with more liberal marijuana policies is associated with greater likelihood of marijuana concentrate use and with more frequent use. Characteristics of daily users, in particular, patterns of therapeutic use warrant further research with community-recruited samples."


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